Once upon a time you could order all of the cool rare parts we offer directly from a magazine, Like Amazon prime for Kamei, BBS, Zender parts! - Would be real practical to have this today I'm sure.

Over time we at Classique Autowerks have collected plenty of these magazines/posters which help greatly when verifying our parts stock and new entries with the part numbers to make sure we know exactly which parts we have. There are some crazy posters that explain the original purpose and aerodynamic properties of certain parts also. Here below is a few examples for your viewing pleasure - we enjoyed flicking through the catalogs and hope you do too!

First up BBS with a mix of BMW/MB and VW:

Here's some videos of the mags:

ZENDER BMW catalog:

Some videos:

KAMEI with a selection of all models:

Lastly a very special catalog from D&W 87' edition featuring mainly Mercedes parts!

So, as you can see there was a huge selection of optional extras for your classics back in the 80's, from frontspoilers to louvers, audio systems and interiors there was some very tasty parts for sale. Its our job to find them for our customers now many of these companies no longer exist!

Hope you enjoyed our selection of catalogs we showed here, we are currently scanning each page so we can keep them forever! - some of them are that old that the paper has started to decompose and we cant loose this history! - Take it easy!

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