Questionable Millionaire Dream Cars

So, you've got a bit of money spare and want to buy a stupendous luxury car to cruise around in whilst looking flash, back in the 80's, if your a classy respectful business man an S classe would not cut the mustard, neither a Porsche or Ferrari as of course you already have these. None of these cars had enough falcon head gear selectors, too few meters of quality premium leather stretched around interior television sets, and they weren’t big enough, they weren’t special enough. Mercedes simply didn’t include enough hi-fi stereo goodies so you couldn't listen to 'Money Money Money' while getting blitzed on chilled champagne and then deciding to have people killed via car phone. - Like a true BOSS should.

So what would you tip ridiculous amounts of money into? Something that ticked all these boxes?

- The 1000SEL


The 1000SEL wasn't a factory built Mercedes-Benz you could order at your regular Mercedes dealership. The 1000SELs as such weren't even made by Mercedes-Benz: the 1000SEL's were aftermarket conversions of mainly the Mercedes 500SEL and 560SEL S-class of the W126-type (1979-1991). The cars started out as factory-fresh S-classes and were modified (mostly in Germany and the UK) by tuning and coachbuilding companies like Chameleon, Kugok, Robert Jankel Design, Styling-Garage/SGS, Trasco and Vantagefield. Variations on the 1000SEL-theme were even given names like 1001SEL (Gemballa), 1000SGS (Styling-Garage), 5000GFG (GFG), 5000SEL (Gemballa) and 10000SEL (ABC Exclusive).

It’s a shame that almost none are left now, the modern-day majority likely covered in inches and years of desert dust, their body kits long ago removed along with the bevy of entertainment electronics, the leftover extended-wheelbase carcasses parked in the bare sun of the Middle East or else sitting in a dirty cess of water in a leaky Moldovan warehouse as the plywood TV encasements warp and split amongst the mildewed leather dash.


Or Coupe Sir?

So there are a fair few exquisite choices to be made, tv's, blinds, leather, gold and other luxury materials. All this should keep your ego going... Another in the long list of crazy tuning houses! - Stay tuned for more exceptional 80's dream cars!

Keep rolling -

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