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Know 'That feeling' When you finally find that difficult part to your car project? - Well how about finding that ten-fold!

Some followers may know of an amazing selection of parts we had found here at Classique Autowerks. Here's a little write up of how it all went down!


A few months ago we caught news of a paradise of new old stock BMW / Mercedes and VW parts that had not been touched in many years. Soon as we got in contact with the seller we knew we couldn't miss out on not having them! Original parts from Zender, BBS, and Kamei. Also some very special parts for Mercedes from D&W Tuning which are extremely hard to find! We got some videos and photos from the seller and to our joy most of the parts looked good:


Looking further into the history of these parts we had asked the seller a few questions about where they came from. We had found out that it was a stock from an old parts dealership out side of Europe that had been uncovered and the new owner of the property wanted rid of the remaining stock. Many of the items were in amazing condition with some being in their original packaging and bags. Its certainly not something you find too many times so we decided to go ahead with getting these parts in our collection. After sorting the deal we had organised a container to ship us the parts here in France. The excitement began awaiting the arrival! We got sent a few teasers of the packing process:


The wait seemed like forever constantly checking the situation on the shipping, however we eventually got the call that the container would be arriving. We had sorted a van and set off to take our first look at our purchase. After opening the doors for the very first time a sigh of relive was had when we could see the amount of parts included, which turned out to have some extras hidden that we didn't know about when buying - always a nice surprise!


As you can see from the photos there's a great selection of Front spoilers, Rear spoilers and plenty of original documents and accessories. Within a few hours we had managed to fill a large VW crafter and also my E30 touring with the rear spoilers which looked impressive! -

Getting the stock back to our garages for stocking was the next mission. Using a friends trailer we managed to easily get all the new stock in its respectable place ready for cleaning, sorting and stock-taking.

This was possible due to a selection of original catalogs which were included in the lot and some of our own which we previously bought. This allowed us to see exactly which parts we had and also gorp over the sexy 80's images from BBS KAMEI and ZENDER! - Here's some parts we have featured in the catalogs:





Many of the parts have photos taken of them and are ready for sale. We will be adding to the site shortly so you will be able to check them out in closer detail!

THANKS to everyone that helped secure the deal -

If you have any questions or want further info don't hesitate to get in touch.