Euro front and rear bumper lower valances / spoilers for E24 M635i (1982-1987).


These are only for cars with Euro front bumper and Euro wraparound rear bumper (from 1982-1987). These compliment the sharks aggressive lines perfectly.

The white car in the last picture is only for reference which model these parts fit.


If you currently have the US spec diving board bumpers or the post 1987 year World bumpers or Euro 1976-1982 year bumpers and would like to convert to 1982-1987 Euro spec bumpers that allow you to use these spoilers- just ask as we do also sell them if needed.


These are brand new aftermarket parts made from Plastiflex (mix of multiple composite materials- carbon; kevlar and elastic resin). As these are replacement parts professional paint prep and install (some sanding, priming, filling) is always needed.


Front spoiler– the spoiler has an special inner edge for easy installing on the Euro 1982-1987 metal bumper carrier profile. The spoiler is secured to the metal 3 piece bumper carrier with bolts and nuts or Euro trim mounting studs on pre-marked locations (small holes need to be drilled in the pre-marked spots).

The standard rubber trim pieces are then placed over the top edge of the new spoiler.


The outside temperature sensor for the OBC is easy to install in this spoiler as the spoiler has special opening for it.


Rear valance is mounted on the Euro 1982-1987 wraparound rear bumper between the rubber trim and the metal bumper.


Some small holes need to be drilled on the upper edge of the valance for the trim securing studs.


Fits: Any E24 (1982-1987) only with Euro front and rear Euro wraparound bumper.


Note- 1982-1987 year 628CSi cars with the front bumper / metal valance combo may need to have the lower part of the metal valance cut off or replaced with the 635CSi spec bumper carrier to allow correct placement of the front spoiler.